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5 Morning Motivation Hacks for Productivity

Nov 15, 2018 | 3 minutes read

Time saving ideas and inspiration to get you out of the house quicker and have a happier and ultimately more successful day.

Are you a morning person? Okay good, me neither. Mornings always have a few crazy elements to them, one of them being stress. Stressful mornings can sometimes lead to not so easy days, which then lead to laying on the couch with zero motivation when you get home. Can you relate to this? If you can in the slightest and need some motivation then keep reading because I am going to show you that you can have an easy morning and create better habits that will help you live a more productive life! Sounds like a lot so let’s get into it!

1. Breakfast Prep:

Plan ahead something that is healthy and nourishing to your body. Pick something that will give you the brain power and energy to get through the morning. I’ve heard that mornings are the most productive time during your work day; so figure out what foods will keep you full till lunch so you can focus and be productive. Pinterest will be your best friend for recipe ideas, click the picture above to find something easy you’ll want to try out.

2. Outfit Prep:

The night before pick out something cute that you’ll be confident in. When you feel good, you do good! If you’re really into planning you can plan out the weeks worth of outfits on Sunday and hang them in your closet next to each other so you can grab and go.

I also LOVE to get on Pinterest and make boards for some style inspo. Check out my board Casual Fashion by clicking that link or take a photo of this image below in your Pinterest app:

![](/uploads/2018/11/15/pincode_393009573671908308 (1).png “Casual Fashion”)

3. Get Ready in the Morning (the easy way):

Some people wear light makeup to work, and others like to glam, whichever you prefer you should consider using an everyday essentials makeup bag. Place the beauty products you use routinely to get ready in the morning in one space so you can get ready with ease AND take it with you and go if you’re in a rush!

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4. Make a Playlist:

Create a playlist for yourself to set a mood in the morning to play either as you get ready or drive into work. Music is powerful and you can really change the outcome of your day just by setting the right mood. I like to have a couple different ones for however i’m feeling that day. You can even make them secret if you REALLY want something all to yourself :)

5. Listen to a Podcast:

This one is my favorite! Find a podcast that is inspirational or “self-help” to help get your mind right to tackle the day. This will inspire you to stay motivated and on track. A lot of podcasts can help you create healthy habits and make yourself into the best version of you that you can be! (Which is totally what i’m all about)

Here’s what i’m listening to:

Earn Your Happy:

Don’t Keep Your Day Job:

Style Your Mind:

Ready to get motivated and reach your true potential? Click HERE to grab your FREE healthy habits checklist. Use it as a tool to set some personal goals, and have accountability for them. It’s so easy to say “yeah i’ll do it” but when you write it down and hang it up- you’re already taking steps to achieve your goals!

![](/uploads/2018/11/15/grab your (2).png “healthy habits for motivation”)

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